Do you constantly get head aches from looking at your computer for too long? Today, we’re having some “real talk” on the blog! We all know the world we live in today requires being on your computer and phone ALL the time, especially, being bloggers and having a business that revolves around social media. Anna & I have always been prone to a little car sickness, and the past few months we definitely thought we were having vertigo symptoms but we realized that it was actually something called CYBER sickness! Yes, that is a real thing, google it.

We can hardly be on our devices for more than five minutes without feeling nauseous, having head aches and our eye balls hurting! It’s really awful. So, we started doing some research on how we can make these symptoms go away, or at least reduce them. One thing we found was the benefits of wearing yellow tinted lenses for computer use.

Our computers, phones, and tv’s give off a lot of blue light which causes eye fatigue and straining of the eyes. Wearing yellow, orange or copper tinted glasses reduces the amount of blue light and even improves your general health! Yellow lenses can improve your sleep problems, bipolar disorder, and macular degeneration (the cause of blindness).

Wearing yellow tinted glasses has helped us a little. It’s definitely not a cure, but it does allow us to get more work done. And don’t worry about looking nerdy in yellow glasses, you just have to find a cute pair! We wear Eyepetizer sunglasses with filtered lenses. They come in fun shapes and colors and have a retro look! The best part is they are under $100!

benefits yellow lens glasses computer use


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