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We know you are all wondering… how was Create & Cultivate?! Well first, let us tell you why we went and what we thought we were going to get out of it. To be honest, we were looking for someone to tell us the “right” thing to do and an exact recipe to grow our blog & business. We wanted a life changing moment where everything clicked and fell into place. Is that what we got? Not really. At least not in the moment…

Throughout the day we were hearing a lot of the things we already knew: “Be authentic”, “Schedule your posts”, “Engage and build your community”. And, sure, this all made sense, but it wasn’t really anything new that we haven’t read about before during our countless hours of research and wondering why we couldn’t find “the answer” on Pinterest. We even found ourselves getting a little frustrated because no one was saying to us “you need to do x, y and z” and we were like “why did we come here?!” But we weren’t going to give up that easily and so we kept writing our little notes.

 Throughout all of the panel discussions and mentor sessions, we noticed there were a few points that were consistently being repeated by almost every single panelist: “It’s all about face to face relationships”, “It’s not all about the numbers”, and “do what you’re interested in.” And here we were thinking “Hmm…ok whatever that’s not what we want to hear.”

We left feeling exhausted, under whelmed, and still wondering what we were doing “wrong.” Over the next couple of days, as we were thinking back on the event, the epiphany hit us. First, the importance of networking, which has never been our thing. We’ve always hated house parties for the fear of having to get trapped in some awkward small talk conversation. We rarely attend networking events for this same reason. And then, after realizing how many inspiring and amazing women we met this past weekend, we suddenly found ourselves looking for more networking events to attend! Wait, WHAATTTT?? WE WANT TO MEET PEOPLE and talk about our business??? Wow, life changing realization right here!

In this digital industry, where it is very difficult to not compare yourself to others who might be ahead of you, what we also realized was to not get caught up in the numbers. Sure, we may not have a million followers (yet) but that doesn’t mean that our outreach and community isn’t as important as the top influencers. The “micro” influencer, as was often mentioned, is just as important. Why, you ask? As a micro influencer, your followers likely view you as a friend and if you have great engagement, you are also important! So, give yourself some credit and be proud of how far you have gotten today!

And lastly, DO WHAT YOU’RE INTERESTED IN! Before C&C we felt like we had so many interests that maybe it was confusing for our readers? Are we a brand with our own products or do we want to be bloggers and influencers? UGHHH the confusion of wanting to do it all was driving us NUTS! But here were these successful women all doing what INTERESTED them, whether that was one very specific thing or whether they had many interests and bouncing back and forth exploring them all! And we finally felt like it’s ok that we enjoy various creative outlets and we can do both! We can have our own products AND be influencers, after all that is what makes us unique!

If you were to ask us if we would go to another Create and Cultivate event, we would absolutely say YES! It was such a rewarding and inspirational day and in ways that we didn’t expect but are grateful for! And we are so happy that we had the opportunity to meet some amazing and talented women!

For everyone that went to Create and Cultivate, we want to know what you took away from the event! Let us know in the comments below! And for anyone that is thinking about going, we are happy to answer any questions below!


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