Hi friends! I, Anna, am finally getting around to writing this post and recap of my wedding, hope you enjoy! I got married on April 2, 2017 to my best friend, Zack. He’s not much of a social media guy so this might be the first (and last time) he is featured on the blog 🙂 There are a lot of pictures to share and this might be a lengthy blog post but I figured I’d share all the details at once while I’m feeling the wedding vibes! So let’s start at the very beginning…



My vision for my wedding was ALL WHITE EVERYTHING. My favorite color is white (blame it on all the years living in Miami) so I knew right away that I wanted white. Also, I wanted beach, tropical, and palm trees, but NOT a beach wedding, if you get what I’m saying. Actually, I think I used the word “Mediterranean” when describing the over all vision. The wedding had to be as anti-wedding as possible because I am SO anti bride and going all crazy over your wedding. But it still had to be chic, intimate (only 50 guests) and most importantly FUN…because who really wants to attend another wedding where everything is the same as the last one and you can’t even remember anything special about it after it’s over?!





THE DRESS!!!! AHHHH!!! The dress was MAGICAL!!!! When I first got engaged, I told myself that I would NOT wear a wedding dress. I wanted to wear a white dress, maybe Tom Ford, or something of that nature and just go to Saks and pick one out. Again, anti-bride over here. But of course, my mom was super worried about this because she thought I wouldn’t feel like a bride and she really wanted me to feel special. So I caved. We happened to be in Miami and decided it was the perfect time to do dress shopping because everything is better in Miami! I had seen the new Vera Wang bridal collection in pictures and the dresses were stunning so we got on the phone and started calling bridal boutiques in Miami to see who had Vera Wang. Luckily for us, there was a trunk show that weekend at Ever After in Coconut Grove.

Shopping for my wedding dress was so much fun! I seriously loved every single dress and wanted to keep them all because they fit perfectly and they were so beautiful! But I wasn’t quite ready to commit to a wedding dress. I narrowed it down to two dresses but I needed to breathe, clear my head, and leave the store before I said yes to the dress.

I did actually end up going to Saks and Neiman’s later that day to try on evening gowns as I had originally planned on doing. But after trying several dresses, they just didn’t feel magical. The next day, we went back to Ever After and I tried on both dresses and decided on this one, it had the prettiest details and it just made me feel beautiful.

As for the shoes, I wanted them to be fun and special but not bridal. So I chose these blue & pink rhinestoned Jimmy Choo pumps. How gorgeous are they?!




Doesn’t my husband look handsome?! I think so! Zack wore a jacket by Giorgio Armani, pants by Theory, shirt from Boss, and shoes & belt from Saks Fifth Avenue.




All white. A theme is a theme…come as instructed or stay home. Just kidding, but not really. This sounded really easy in my head and turned out to be such a challenge. The amount of resistance in the beginning was really stressful but I had a vision and I stuck with it. I asked all of the guests to wear shades of white. And no, I didn’t want to stand out on my wedding day. I actually wanted to blend in. But I did want everyone to wear really fun shoes & accessories!

Although the dress code was really stressful to plan, it turned out absolutely amazing! In the end, I think everyone LOVED the idea and I even had guests tell me that they thought the all white attire really brought everyone together and made it special, like now we are all connected and it made the wedding memorable. Even my dad, who probably gave me the hardest time about how he was going to look old and fat in white ended up telling me how he was so happy that I stuck with my vision and he felt so good in his outfit! Mission accomplished!



The wedding invites turned out to be one of my favorite details of the wedding. Sticking to the white theme, I had a vision for the invitations and I immediately reached out to our Instagram friend, Britt, to design the perfect letter press invites. I sent Britt our save-the-date and asked her to go off of that, and she nailed it! Oh, and the amount of compliments and feedback that I received from my guests about how much they all died over the invite was amazing! It was chic, classy, to the point, and SO ON BRAND!

Letter Press Invitations: Swell Press Paper Co. Instagram @Swellpress

For the save-the-date, I really didn’t care for having those printed because I think it’s kind of a waste of money and so we opted to send our save-the-date via email. My lovely twin sister designed them herself on canva and it worked out perfectly. Add actually THANK GOODNESS we sent them via email because after we had sent them out, the wedding venue CHANGED and we had to re-send an updated version! Can you imagine if we had printed and mailed them out and then had to re-do the whole thing?!

I wanted to make the guest wedding favors special also so I thought a Gem+Elli original handmade woven table runner would be nice. Again, my twinny designed and hand made each one. I think she made 30 of them and it took about one month to complete but they turned out so cute! They were made with silk ribbons from Honeysilk, Wool and the Gang happy cotton, and merino wool from Pancake and Lulu Yarn. We included some beautiful white candles in the gift bags as well.




So like I mentioned, the venue had to change mid planning and choosing the perfect venue was definitely the toughest part of the planning process! For starters, we had to have a wedding venue that was on brand. I couldn’t have a white wedding without a white venue…the atmosphere had to reflect the theme.

We had originally wanted to get married in a different city all together and we had a venue picked out but it just seemed like pulling teeth to get anything accomplished. Luckily, we hadn’t signed any contracts yet and after weeks of going back and forth we ultimately decided that it didn’t feel right and we had to jump to plan B and I’m so happy that we did!

Our wedding venue was The Miami Beach Edition Hotel and it was AMAZING! First, it embodied everything the wedding needed to be… white, tropical, beach-y, palm trees everywhere, and FUN! The other reason we knew we wanted The Edition is for the service. It was 5 star service and the staff was absolutely amazing, accommodating, and made the entire weekend feel special. Also, the hotel has an ice skating rink and a bowling alley in the basement so that added to the fun factor and provided us with activities for the entire weekend. We got married on the rooftop terrace overlooking the ocean and we had both the ceremony and reception on the terrace. It felt more intimate that way and we wanted to stay outdoors for the entire evening. We were so happy with how everything turned out and our guests were blown away by the venue.







I walked down the aisle to the song “Marry Me” by Train. I’ve always loved that song and it really hit me when it started playing! We had Zack’s uncle, Ron (AKA Rev Ron), marry us and the fun apart about it was that Rev Ron wrote our vows because we wanted them to be a surprise. I think Ron was more nervous about this than we were but he did a great job and we loved it!

If you noticed, in the first picture, I’m wearing a veil but that quickly changed as I walked outside and there was a category 5 hurricane that ripped my veil out of my hair and it went flying into the face of one of our guests. That’s Miami weather for you!

We chose to do a unity cocktail because we wanted something less traditional. Also, the first time that Zack met my family, he drank about 15 shots of vodka (he was trying to keep up with the Russians) and the first time I met Zack’s family, we were wine tasting. So we thought a cocktail was appropriate!








I barely remember the reception, it all went by SO fast! But I know the two most important things we focused on 1. Great food and 2. Great music.

The food was all done by the amazing chefs at The Edition. We opted to have food stations because we wanted as much variety as possible. There was a churassco carving station, a taco station, a pasta and asian station. It was all so delicious, I wish I had had a chance to eat more! And The Edition really did such a beautiful job on the presentation, the asian noodles were served in little take out containers. Every detail was thought about in presentation. We didn’t want a wedding cake so we asked the pastry chef if she could replace the cake with donuts and she made three delicious donut flavors for us, vanilla, maple + bacon, and guava + cheese. Needless to say the donuts disappeared very quickly!

The music was so important. We knew that we wanted a certain vibe to the evening…lounge-y and cool. A mix of Duke Dumont and Aaron Lewis. Since I had lived in Miami in my 20s…I knew the person who would be perfect…DJ Supersede (Supersede Group). Andrew was absolutely amazing. You guys… I can’t even describe how good it was. During dinner all the conversation was focused on how incredible the music was and a lot of “OMG, you got the Miami Dolphins DJ?!” The Supersede Group also provided all of the lighting for the wedding, including a custom monogram feature of our names that was projected on wall.

For the flowers, we went with white orchids and roses, with palm tree leaves at the base. Florals were done by the wonderful Fleur Flower Boutique (www.fleurflowerboutique.com).

Hair + makeup by Alla Yakimova (allayakimova.com.ua)

Photography by Sugarfree Studio (sugarfreestudio.com)

And I could not have done it without the help of my amazing wedding planner, Olga. Event planning by Pure Red Events


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