Why we quit social media and blogging, well…sort of. Let’s face it, this week has been one of “those” weeks. You know, the kind when you just want to throw in the towel and say screw it. Have you ever gotten so caught up in social media that you just become miserable, watching everyone else’s feed grow while you’re flat lining? Yea… it’s not a positive space to be in.

Time for some ‘real talk’ now. Blogging may seem “easy” but it’s much more than just taking pretty pictures, especially when you haven’t exactly figured out what your “brand” is or what your readers want from you. We started our blog with the purpose of having a creative outlet, something that made us happy, but it quickly went from a happy place to joining the rat race.

Suddenly it became all about monetizing our blog, posting for quantity, not quality, and over thinking who we are instead of just BEING who we are. No bueno. When you’re spending several hours a day on social media looking at all the other “successful” bloggers with their millions of followers¬†and perfectly curated feeds, how can you not get caught up in trying to attain the same?!

A few days ago we wanted to give up on our blog, it wasn’t fun anymore and we were starting to resent the process. So what did we do? We deleted our social media apps! Now let’s be clear, we didn’t delete our accounts, just the actual apps from our phones and we’re not gonna lie…it feels GOOD. We were feeling burnt out, confused, frustrated, and angry…so we had to quit…at least for now. We wanted to push an imaginary reset button and get back to a truly creative space, doing the things we love for the purpose of our own enjoyment.

From now on, we are only doing what makes us US, and not what we think everyone else wants to see.

why we quit social media blogging

Do you guys ever do the same thing and start comparing yourself to others? If so, what do you do to get out of that head space?



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